2019 Conclave Theme: “Together We Serve”

/təˈɡeT͟Hər/. adv. with or in proximity to another person or people; at the same time.

/wē/. pro.  people in general; used to refer to the speaker together with other people regarded in the same category.

/sərv/verb. perform duties or services for (another person, an organization or an area)

Gathered as one to assist. Congregate to oblige. Seek cheerful service as a brotherhood.

There are many ways to describe Conclave. In 2019, we will do it in just one phrase: together we serve.

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”
–Martin Luther King Jr.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”
–Booker T. Washington


The 2019 SR-7A Conclave will be held at Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation with Nawakwa Lodge #3 as the Service Lodge.

Patch Design Contest

Patch Design Metamorphasis

Byron McPherson (Blue Heron Lodge 349) submitted the winning design concept for the 2015 Conclave patch. The concept was further refined to the design of the Conclave patch.

The Section is seeking 2019 Conclave patch design submissions from the membership of SR-7A. The section officers will select the top three patch design concepts and will present them to the Council of Chiefs on April 29, 2018. At that time, the winning patch design concept will be selected by the COC, and the Section will begin refining the concept into a final design. The SR-7A Promotions Team will then prepare a complete promotions package by the Southern Region SOS in the summer. The winner will receive a Conclave 2019 Merchandise Pack (including a patch, flap, back patch, neckerchief, t-shirt, and hat).

Our judges will be looking for a patch design that best exhibits creativity, originality, and visual beauty.

The Patch Must Include:

  • BSA Fleur-de-lis
  • Text “SR-7A Conclave”
  • Year: “2019”
  • Lodge Numbers: 3, 161, 258, 276, 333, 349
  • Text “Together We Serve”


Patches must adhere to the following BSA policies:

Guidelines for Custom Patches and Emblems (See page 3)
OA Branding Guidelines
Native American Imagery Policy (See page 36)

SR-7A Branding Resources may be found here. Note that a Conclave patch falls under the “Illustrations” category on page 7 of the branding guide and does not necessarily have to comply with the section logo, typeface, and color specifications found elsewhere in the guide.

Official Contest Rules

Open to all registered Arrowmen (youth and adult) who are members of lodges 3, 161, 258, 276, 333, or 349. Entries must be received by midnight April 25 2018. One Arrowman may submit multiple entries. In the design process, remember that designs may be altered to conform to standard patch sizes and shapes.

For the purpose of the contest, all rights to the images submitted for consideration, become the property of the Boy Scouts of America. Submission of an entry constitutes a full and complete release of the images with the understanding that the image, a portion or feature of the image, or a variation of the image may be used in publications and/or events at the sole discretion of the Boy Scouts of America. They Boy Scouts of America may alter the image at their sole discretion. Submission of an entry also constitutes the entrant’s certification that design is their own original work. The decisions of the judges/COC are final.

Design concepts must be submitted electronically. If scanned artwork, the file should be in color and at least 300 dpi (.pdf, .png, .jpg, or .tif preferred). If created in graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) the file should be exported as a .pdf. The Section will request a copy of the file in its native application if the winning design concept was created in a software application.

Designs must be submitted via by midnight on April 25 2018. Files should be no larger than 10 MB.

Questions should be directed to the SR-7A Promotions Team at

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